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How I work with you

A person-centred and personal experience

First Contact

Here For You

I offer a free consultation service before you commit and pay. This is about a 15 minute call or zoom. This is to discuss the options of whether counselling or EFT is right for you. I'd answer any questions you have. Here we would go through what times, day and frequency would work for us both. We can discuss in brief what you are wanting to explore and if I would be suitable for you. This would also be where charges would be discussed. We also get to have a chat and it will allow you to decide if I am the right therapist for you. 

You do not have to decide right there and then. If you do then great, but we may end the call and you can have a think before making your mind up. You may have spoken with other therapists. It needs to be the right fit for you.

Once you decide I would be the one to support you, I would send a client form for you to complete with the contract. I'd ask you to complete, check, sign and send it back to me. We would confirm time and day to start and off we go. 

Please see contact page to make contact

The Sessions

Client led that's person-centred and a holistic approach

This would be your time to explore what you need and want to explore in that session. I set no agenda of what we 'should' do as things can change from week to week. With regular sessions, negative thoughts and behaviours can be explored and challenged supporting healing and change. 

Either in counselling or EFT we would work at your pace, have regular reviews and check ins. These are your sessions and you decide what to bring to each session. 

Charges and Payment

In these changeable times I feel that fees should be based on income and circumstances. 

Depending on service require and needs fees start £35 and can rise to £50

I do want to be fair and honest and I expect people to be fair and honest with me.

I ask for the payment to be paid before the session and it to be paid by BACS. I would give you all details before hand. This allows more time for you as this is your time. 


'It is almost impossible to explain what Alix has done for me in our time working together as my therapist. She is truly amazing, her depth of knowledge and practical application is incredible. Over the last 18 months, I have transformed as a person which would not have been possible without Alix. Her approach suited me perfectly, relaxed, professional and client led. She allows you to explore and find your own meaning to her fantastic questions, creating lasting change in your own perspective and emotional being. She has a myriad of techniques with your permission which help for those more difficult conversations. I honestly can't speak highly enough of her and I am so thankful for her!

Amazing caring person who is extremely good at what they do! I can't thank Alix enough for their support they have given me.

Alix is a very patient understanding therapist who has taught me some very valuable life lessons. She makes me feel at ease ! 

I'm finding Alix to be very understanding and empathetic so far. Its only been a short amount of time that I've been speaking to her but I've already had a few breakthroughs and I'm feeling a lot more self aware and starting to understand the way I'm reacting to certain situations. It's been an eye opening and interesting experience so far and I'm hugely appreciative of the help given.

Good listener, made me feel heard and understood.

Very Patient, gave me space to think about my feelings without feeling pressured. Helped me understand myself and deal with my issues. Definitely feel better and seen improvements in myself as have others

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